Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a healing art & stress reduction technique. It is used to help promote relaxation and overall wellness. Reiki is not attached to any religion however, many people experience it as a deeply spiritual practice. It is another tool in the toolbox to bring the mind, body and spirit into alignment so that one can live a full, well life.

Picture you fully relaxed for 60 minutes, cozied up on a massage bed taking in aromatherapy. Imagine that exactly what you need – release, comfort, growth – would come to you during this time. That’s a Reiki session. 

Have more questions? I’d love to chat – email me at or go ahead and schedule a session to experience this powerful technique for yourself! 


Appointments are located at Soul Massage Therapy at 3701 W 49th St Suite 108 Sioux Falls, SD 57106.


Reiki eGift Cards Are Available

Give the gift of Rest and Rejuvenation to someone you love! Perfect for a special occasion or just because.

A $100 gift card can be redeemed for a 60 minute session. eGift cards are available for purchase in $100 increments.

What People Are Saying About Reiki Sessions

In one word…”Amazing”. I had my first ever Reiki experience with Dakotah and it was powerful. She kept me comfortable, relaxed, and informed. Loved her service and space. I look forward to going back for Reiki and trying her other classes!” – Sadie

“Visit Dakotah for all of your yoga, relaxation, and Reiki needs! I have a stressful job and I attend yoga every week as it is relaxing and improves my mindset. I have also attended a Reiki session with her and, wow! I have never felt so relaxed, tension free, and powerful. Dakotah is so intuitive and has helped me in many ways to manage my stress, become more confident, and change my mindset. Other than being amazing at her job, she is so understanding, non-judgmental, and willing to help anyway she can. 15/10 do recommend.” – Sarah

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